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The Stunted Guide to Wedding Planning

Not too long ago, PinotNinja and I attended a pretty great wedding celebrating one of our dearest college friends. It was a lovely wedding, with lots of charm and character that came directly from the bride and groom. Leading up to the blessed event, we got to talking about weddings we had attended where things were… not so lovely? You know the wedding where the Best Man gives a terrible speech, there is a cash bar, and it is outside in the middle of winter? Or, when the groom says the name of his ex in his vows, the bride and groom are getting married for a reality TV show, or someone brings a badger to a wedding? Though some of this comes from real life experience, there’s much to be learned from our favorite point of reference: Pop Culture.

And with that, we present The Stunted Guide to Wedding Planning.

1) Don’t Say Your Ex’s Name During Your Vows

Oh, Ross. You are the worst. But you know what was horrible? When you said Rachel’s name when you were marrying Emily. You know what was great? When you said Rachel’s name when you were marrying Emily.

Take heed all non-Friends characters caught in a will they/won’t they scenario spanning years: do not, under any circumstances, say your ex’s name. Just don’t. Don’t do it.

2) Don’t Get Married for Publicity and/or Promotion of Your Awful Reality Shows


Kimmy K, I’m thrilled you have a wee one and a blossoming relationship with my favorite person ever, Yeezus, but what in the HELL were you thinking with that 20 second marriage to Kris Humphries? Girlfriend, you should never, ever marry for publicity’s sake. What a terrible move. I really hope you aren’t doing the same to my Yeezus. Don’t do it.

3) Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Wedding

Not talking your ridiculous pilfering of ideas from Pinterest (though, not sure “this wedding looks like it came directly from Pinterest!” is always a compliment), we’re talking about literally usurping someone else’s wedding. This usually happens with the help of a dolt of a brother. We’re looking at you, Cory Matthews.

No one wants to go to jail on their wedding day.

No one wants to go to jail on their wedding day.

4) Don’t Even Try to Marry Brandon When You Want to Marry Dylan

I don’t think you guys even know how many fan videos there are on the internet centered around the failed romance of Kelly and Brandon. Consider this your warning.

But, seriously, if you want to marry Dylan, don’t agree to marry Brandon. Just don’t.

5) Don’t Wear a Dead Bird as Your Headpiece

Only Carrie Bradshaw could pull this off. And she barely did.

Polly Want an Open Bar?

Polly Want an Open Bar?

Unless you are wearing a dead bird as a message to all birds to not crap on your dress and mess with your special day. If that’s your move, I applaud it.

6) Don’t Have Your Bachelor Party Right Before Your Wedding, And Definitely Don’t Leave the Planning up to Your Alan

We all know how this turns out.

7) Don’t Release a Badger in the Airducts of the Reception Hall

Winston is tragically underused in New Girl, but his tendency to go too far yields hilarious results. Though he could be a warning tale for all intents and purposes, it is particularly important to note: do not release a badger into the airducts of the reception venue and then get stuck chasing said badger through the airducts. Badgers have no place at a wedding, unless it is a raccoon wedding. And then, please take pictures and send them to PinotNinja. You guys know how much she loves raccoons.

I love this clip because this is what any one of us would do if stuck in an air duct for ten minutes: self-reflection and monologuing. Plus, it’s subtitled in Italian. Perfect. Just perfect.

8) Don’t Marry for a Royal Title That Involves a Dowry (Or, Don’t Get Married to that Creep Louis, SERIOUSLY)

Oh, God, Blair. Nooooooo.

9) Don’t Murder Any of Your Guests During the Wedding

Sure, you may want to punch your annoying Aunt Martha in the face when she criticizes everything EVER, but you hold back because no one wants the cops on their wedding day and you have the capacity to turn the other cheek. Some folks, however, just don’t have the decency to abide by oaths of hospitality.

Dude, you are SO screwed.  (*sob*)

Dude, you are SO screwed. (*sob*)

10) Don’t Leave Your Own Wedding with a Dude on Rollerblades

Great advice from a beloved show (RIP Happy Endings). Even if you don’t want to marry your intended, maybe don’t bail when a dude on rollerblades objects. But even if you do – don’t go on your honeymoon with that rollerblading dude. Poor form, Alex. Just awful.

I think there is just so much that could go wrong on a wedding day (torrential downpours for me; a random and rambling best man speech for PN), why not avoid some of the biggest blunders. Unless you are looking to make good television, then have at it. But don’t be upset when some Internet Denizen calls your wedding “derivative.”



No, You Cannot Have a Midori Sour

Last night, Country Boy and I went out to our favorite neighborhood Southern joint.  It’s known for its killer rye whiskey cocktails, gritty blues music, bacon-laden mac & cheese, and shrimp & grits.

In other words, this place is heaven.

Belinda Carlisle was right, heaven is a place on earth.

Belinda Carlisle was right, heaven is a place on earth.

The restaurant is a loud and crowded place, and, about 15 minutes after we arrived, another couple was sat at the table right next to ours.

We couldn’t help but overhear their orders as they shouted them to the waiter.

Again, this is a Southern place that is notorious for its stiff whiskey and decadent pig.

Hello lover.

Hello lover.

The woman seated next to me asked the waiter to bring her a Midori sour with extra cherries.


Does this look like brown liquor or bacon?

Does this look like brown liquor or bacon?

A hush fell over the restaurant when this woman placed her order.

Everyone stared.

Somewhere in that place, a record definitely scratched.

The waiter just blankly looked at the woman, trying to figure out if she just had a really dry sense of humor with stone cold delivery.

She did not.

The awkward stare down continued for a few moments, and then the waiter, finally, pulled himself together and said to her, as quietly as he could, “I’ll ask the bartender what he can do, but we don’t have any cherries and I don’t think Midori is something that we have here either.”

My heart broke at that moment for everyone involved.  This woman was clearly out on a date and clearly had no idea where she was.  This waiter was clearly an artisan ingredient loving hipster and clearly had no idea where this woman thought she was.  And I was clearly unable to turn away from this train wreck and clearly wished I could just take this woman aside and explain to her where she was.

I’m all for freedom of cocktail.  I would happily extend the First Amendment of the United States to cover both speech and booze.

But, I’m also for knowing your audience.

Do not order a Midori sour if you are in a place known for its cocktails, especially its brown liquor old timey cocktails.

No Midori

No Midori sour.

Do not order a Mirdori sour if a Muddy Waters song is playing.

No Midori.

No Midori sour.

Do not order a Midori sour if your bartender has a forearm tat and a handlebar mustache.

No Midori.

No Midori sour.

Do not order a Midori sour if you are in a place with a porcine theme.

No Midori.

No Midori sour.

You know what, I’m going to make this simple, do not order a Midori sour.  Ever.

Just no.


You know why?  Not because it tastes foul.  Not because the only food it pairs well with is a sour patch kid.  Not because all that green dye is totally going to give you cancer.

You should never order a Midori sour, because Kim Kardashian, the queen of horrible decisions, recommends it.

The biggest warning sign there is.

Midori sour, the Kris Humphries of cocktails.